12"/300mm Multi-Function Combination Set

12"/300mm Multi-Function Combination Set

Multi-function 300mm/12" combination set which Can be used as a square, mitre, depth and height gauge.

Features and Benefits
• Contains square head, protractor and centre head
• Made from durable stainless steel
• Features both metric and imperial measurements

• Square head with accurate machined faces, fixed angles of 45° and 90°, built-in spirit level, adjusting nut and scriber
• Protractor head for measuring angles up to 180°, graduated to 1° with one machined face, three knurled securing/adjusting nuts and built-in spirit level
• Centre head offers a fixed 90° angle, for finding the centre of round bar stock up to 120mm diameter.
300/12" hardened stainless steel rule, metric and inch measurements with graduations in 1mm and 1/32nd

Typical Applications
• Industrial
• Workshop
• On site

Part No: MFCS

  • £134.00