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Food Grade Dry Film Silicone

Superior silicone dry lubricant formulated to provide extra performance and maximum silicone release. Quick drying time, non-toxic can be used in the food industry. Long lasting and wide temperature range -65°C to +315°C. Contains anti static which prevents the build up of dust or other particles. Ideal for use in the plastic moulding trade. Dry clean lubrication where jobs require a dry non greasy, non oily lubricant.
Key Features:

  • Ideal for use on rubber, plastics, metal, vinyl, and glass
  • H1 Food grade Certified by NSF#143541 & InS#1795388
  • Superior non toxic maximum silicone lubricant
  • Clear, clean, dry, Low odour and non staining lubricant.
  • Reduces friction and static
  • Wide temperature range

Part No: ACSP90

  • £6.90