Air Gun Kit (Heavy Duty) with Dust Bag

Air Gun Kit (Heavy Duty) Including Gun With Dust Bag
The Heavy Duty KAV2 is a highly efficient and rugged Pistol Grip Air Vac system, light in weight yet can cope with the heaviest job. Compact and comfortable in use it can reach into the most inaccessible places.
Can be used for the removal of almost any debris, including glass, metal chippings, plastic swarf etc.
Air Consumption 8-10 CFM at 60-120 PSI.


  • Pistol grip Air Vac with cloth bag attached
  • 32mm Crevice tool
  • Wide nozzle
  • Brush Attachment
  • 4 metres air supply hose

Airline connects behind pistol grip. Venturi action provides safe, powerful vacuum.
Simple, reliable and efficient

Part No: KAV2

  • £155.00