Brush Handles

Handles for our range of Barrel brushes.

The NEEXTH is 250mm in length and fits the 'NESOFT' brushes.
The BCBH has a 1/4" NPT male thread and includes a 1/4" NPT female/female thread connector. This handle fits our range of 'BCB' brushes. When paired with a BCBER91 adaptor it also fits the 'HDBCB' brushes.

Our BCBER91 adaptor converts the 10mm male thread of the HDBCB brushes into a 1/4"NPT thread to allow it to fit the BCBH handle.

For Brush Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
NESOFT 250mm extension handle NEEXTH 7.25 - +
BCB 1/4" NPT M/F thread BCBH 8.90 - +
HDBCB 1/4" NPT M/10mm M use with BCBH handle BCBER91 5.00 - +