Nozzle Body - Chen Hsong Removable Tip Nozzles

Chen Hsong Removable Tip Nozzles

Chen Hsong Nozzle Body

Nozzle body with thread to suit your machine. 11/2" body diameter accepts standard heater bands and 7/8"-14 female thread at front to accept removable nozzle tips. Pre heat-treated steel machined to suit the thread of your machine and accept standard low-cost replacement tips.

Any size or specification made to your requirements. Simply find your machine thread below for part number:
To order special nozzles, or sizes not shown above, 
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Thread R/O Part No Machine Model
36x3 16mm CI
Part Number Length (mm) Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
CI 95 CI3 115.00 - +
CI 125 CI5 125.00 - +
CI 150 CI6 136.00 - +
CI 300 CI12 245.00 - +