Workshop Supplies - Clear Stamp Heated Sprue Cleaner 240V

Clear Stamp heated sprue cleaner 240V

Clear Stamp heated sprue cleaner 240V
The use of portable gas bottles and naked flames carry a high degree of risk. Clear Stamp was created to remove the need to use propane gas bottles found in many mould shops. Previously it was necessary to use gas torches to heat many hand formed shapes of metal for clearing of blocked sprue bushes and runners systems.
In just a couple of seconds Clear Stamp will heat the tip of your formed shapes to a red hot glow ready for immediate use. Rugged construction provides excellent reliability and is very practical for demanding mould shops.

  • No more flames in highly inflammatory environments
  • No more potentially dangerous fumes
  • Can be used without the danger of burns from naked flames. The only hot part is the tip.
  • Save considerable amounts of time. Just plug in and within 2-3 seconds you are ready to work. 

The Unit is compact and lightweight, fitted with a Euro plug found on many machines and comes complete with a cloth roll for cleaning metal tools and the machine electrodes. Has a handy pocket built into the unit to carry your formed pieces.

Part No: NECT001

  • £1,176.00