Copper and Rawhide Hammer

Copper and Rawhide Hammer

The Copper and Rawhide Hammer is a heavier-duty version. It is designed for applications that require more force while still maintaining the advantages of copper and rawhide construction. This hammer is suitable for tasks in metalworking, blacksmithing, and other heavy-duty applications.

The hammer features a solid copper head, which delivers significant impact force while maintaining control. The copper construction ensures that the hammerhead is non-sparking and resistant to corrosion, making it a safe and durable choice for various industrial tasks.

The opposite end of the hammer is equipped with a reliable rawhide face, providing a softer striking surface to minimize damage and deformation. The rawhide face absorbs shock and reduces rebound, making it an excellent choice for striking metal objects or shaping materials with controlled force.

With a comfortable handle designed for a secure grip, the Copper and Rawhide Hammer is a reliable tool for blacksmiths, metal fabricators, and professionals working with heavy materials.

Size Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
1lb Hammer Copper Rawhide 1lb CRH1 19.98 - +
2lb Hammer Copper Rawhide 2lb CRH2 26.15 - +
3lb Hammer Copper Rawhide 3lb CRH3 32.25 - +