Copper Gauze

Copper Gauze

A quick, economical and better way to clean injection machines and extruder screws and barrels. Knitted from flattened 100% pure soft copper wire 0.05 x 0.48, copper gauze is a seamless continuous flat stocking 115 x 140 mm wide. Since it is 100% copper, it will not burn or smoke when used on hot equipment.


  • Provides excellent scraping qualities.
  • Copper metal will not scratch or erode precision work surfaces, since these are made of metal harder than soft copper.
  • Nonflammable, rust and splinter free.

Excellent for cleaning screws and barrels of injection moulding machines and extruders. Much more effective than other methods (metal sponges, charring, wire brushes, etc). Use also for cleaning moulds and dies, vent holes and for the removal of such things as drool on sheeting lines. Using the gauze aids material and colour changes. For best results, use small amounts of Silicone Grease as a release aid. Coat the cleaned areas freely to make subsequent resin removal easier. This will work whilst the equipment is still hot and therefore there is no
need to wait for the equipment to cool down.

8 Step method of cleaning with copper gauze

Clean the extruder with a purging compound. Then, clean the die face with small ball of copper gauze that has some silicone grease on it. Also, clean valve while still hot.
Next, the die is removed from the extruder head. This is best cleaned by forcing silicone coated copper gauze through it, using a wooden dowel.
Once the gauze has been passed through the die, it can be pulled back and forth to complete the clean-up.
Ensure that the die is throughly cleaned, with no residual trace of plastic, nor a scratch on the metal surface.
Partially remove the hot screw, wrap silicone grease coated gauze 2 or 3 times around screw and use 'shoe shine' motion. Intermittently relax tension so gauze can be 'walked down' the screw.
Remove screw almost out of barrel. Copper gauze should be walked down‚ as the screw is being pulled out. Screw is now clean. (Note that operations 5 & 6 takes only 5 minutes.)
To clean barrel, wrap copper gauze around a round wire brush at end of long rod and pass through barrel. Then, chuck rod into power drill, insert fresh gauze and pass back and forth through barrel until clean.
You're now ready to reassemble and get back into production. Be sure to lightly coat copper gauze with silicone grease for all operations.

Roll Length: 31m
Width: 127mm
Part no: CG1

Part No: CG1

  • £32.50