Purge Compound - CORATEX Liquid Purging Compound

CORATEX liquid purging compound

Coratex purging compound removes all trace of the previous mix/colour, including degraded material from the screw and barrel with as little downtime as possible.

  • Cleans the entire plasticator, mixed with a minimum amount of platicising material.
  • Can be used immediately after the moulding process to avoid production delays
  • Cleans pigments and plastic residue from the barrel and screw
  • When used without a carrier, is an excellent polishing medium for removing oxidation from metal.
Contains approximately 30% solvents so should not be used near food or food preparation equipment or be allowed to drain into ground water
Not water soluble, has slight odour of ammonia and is barely, not explosively, flammable.

    For MSDS information, click on this link

    Part No: CPC1

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