Frame Profiles

Frame Profiles

The ATM aluminium frame profile is designed to be lightweight and connect on all four sides. Various sizes are available depending on application and strength requirement.

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Profile Part A B L Weight
Profile 10x20 ET-000101-001 10mm 20mm 1000mm 0.35kg/m
Profile 10x20 ET-000101-002 10mm 20mm 2000mm 0.35kg/m
Profile 10x40 ET-000102-001 10mm 40mm 1000mm 0.64kg/m
Profile 10x40 ET-000102-002 10mm 40mm 2000mm 0.64kg/m
Profile 20x20 ET-000104-001 20mm 20mm 1000mm 0.49kg/m
Profile 20x20 ET-000104-002 20mm 20mm 2000mm 0.49kg/m
Profile 20x40 ET-000105-001 20mm 40mm 1000mm 0.95kg/m
Profile 20x40 ET-000105-002 20mm 40mm 2000mm 0.95kg/m
Profile 20x60 ET-000106-001 20mm 60mm 1000mm 1.28kg/m
Profile 20x60 ET-000106-002 20mm 60mm 2000mm 1.28kg/m
Profile 20x80 ET-000107-001 20mm 80mm 1000mm 1.67kg/m
Profile 20x80 ET-000107-002 20mm 80mm 2000mm 1.67kg/m
Profile 40x40 ET-000108-001 40mm 40mm 1000mm 1.81kg/m
Profile 40x40 ET-000108-002 40mm 40mm 2000mm 1.81kg/m

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