Wedge Lock bands

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Friction Fit Bands
APPLICATIONS: Use where recessed sprue bushings and similar obstructions create limited space for nozzle heater band. These bands require only 9mm to 12.5 mm diameter clearance (4.8 mm to 6.4 mm per side)
EXAMPLE: Using a nozzle with 1 1/2" (38.1 mm) body diameter plus the FRICTION FIT band, the clearance required is only 2" (50.8 mm) or less. This band is also finding increased usage in place of regular nozzle bands due to ease of installation and removal.
TO INSTALL: Simply slide the band over the nozzle, then tap the tapered key. The band will automatically tighten to a nice snug fit.
TO REMOVE: Just tap the tapered key in the opposite direction, then pull off the band.
Complete with 1 metre Fibreglass leads