Machine Mounts

Machine Mount Features and Benefits

  • Designed for a full range of loads up to 11,500kg per mount
  • Isolates both vertically and horizontally
  • Controls noise, shock and vibration
  • Internal levelling feature allows fast, simplified precise levelling up to 12.7mm
  • Neoprene mounting base resists oil, grease, caustics and ozone
  • No cementing or bolting to the floor is necessary
  • Meets OSHA requirements for anchoring machinery
  • Low cost

How to select the correct mounts for your machine:

  1. Ascertain the total gross weight of your machine
  2. Divide this weight by the total number of mounting points available on the machine to calculate the weight distribution per mount.
  3. Select the correct mount with an equal or greater load than your calculated figure from the chart.



Part No: MM210

  • £6.74