Mineral insulated nozzle bands

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Mineral Insulated High Temperature Nozzle Bands

  • High watt density ... up to 760C 
  • Ideal for high temperature Plastics.

Precision manufacturing tolerance allow use to very high temperatures and high Watt Density. Melt temperatures of up to 760C as required by newer engineering resins are routine for the mineral insulated nozzle band. The aluminium oxide insulation is efficient without bulk or mass and the stainless steel cover and hardened stainless steel clamp bars form a rugged barrier to shock, vibration and plastic drool. Lead wires exit in a single metal braid for flexibility, convenience and protection. Exit is opposite clamp at edge of heater. Bands with post terminals have strong welded connections to internal wiring.
Standard Leads are 300 mm 

Lead Wires
Two fibreglass insulated lead wires exit in a single metal braid for good abrasion protection, lead flexibility and wiring convenience. Leads are 50mm longer than braid. Standard length is 300mm, stainless braid covered. Specify if longer leads are required.