Mould Chutes

Mould Chutes

Mould Chutes stop your parts from scattering randomly in the drop zone. Mould
Chutes ensure your parts land on your conveyor or in your packing case and not
on the floor.
Mould Chutes are made of soft, abrasion resistant material to protect even the
most delicate moulding. The unique construction is abrasion, puncture, and tear
resistant. Each Mould Chute is easily cleaned using simple household cleaners.
Mould Chutes come in 18 standard sizes with in-line or side exit delivery chutes.
Tapered Mould Skirts are available when you need to direct parts down onto a
conveyor or into a box.
The unique design of the right angle mould chute lets it attach to each mould
half. As the mould opens and closes, the mouth of the chute opens and closes
providing better protection from contaminants while the mould is closed.
All Mould Chutes can be attached to the machine using either magnets or
custom support harnesses. Chutes can be adjusted to prevent loss of parts from
uncontrolled ejections.

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