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White Lithium Grease MR418

White Lithium Grease for Pins, Bushings, Toggles, Tie Bars, etc

High quality grease for Pins, Bushings, Toggles, Tie Bars, etc. Good to 180°C.
White Lithium Grease covers a wide range of applications because of its distinctive properties. It is a formulation of corrosion inhibitors and superior lubrication, combined with excellent heat and water resistance to ensure maximum protection.
White Lithium Grease is a buttery smooth, thick-film lubricant that stays in place even under high shock loads. NLG2 with temperature range of -18°C to 177°C.
Features and Benefits:

  • Resists water washout
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Clings to metal
  • White colour permits quick discovery of contaminants
  • Buttery texture allows pumping through central lube systems

Applications include: Bearings, slides, rollers, chains, small gears, hinges, cranks, linkages, overhead tracks, sprockets, tools, chassis lubrication.
Available in: 400ml Aerosol and 5lb (2.2kg). pails.

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Part No: MR418

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