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Paintable non-silicone

Paintable non-silicone Water soluble formulation

  • Water soluble formulation . . . Reduces stress cracking and crazing tendencies of silicone base releases.
  • Excellent polyethylene release
  • Inert paintable release agent contains no silicones.
  • For use where post moulding operations such as stamping, plating and painting are required, but where silicones are not desired.
  • Water soluble formulation of non-silicone fluids with high lubricity and temporary anti-static properties.
  • Excellent as a general purpose spray for polyethylenes.
  • Reduces tendencies towards stress cracking and crazing often found in silicone base sprays.
  • Suitable for use with all thermoplastics and most thermosets.

Part No: MR425

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