Mould_Sprays_and_lubricants - 40+ General Purpose Multi-purpose Lubricant

40+ General Purpose multi-purpose Lubricant

The complete maintenance treatment for protection against corrosion, water displacement, lubrication and flash rust removal. Too many applications to list, but more than 40! The essential engineer's cure-all.

  • Quickly frees seized nuts, bolts and bearings
  • High corrosion protection and water displacement properties ‚Passes IP 178, Methods A and B
  • Remains operational at sub-zero temperatures
  • Safe on most paints, rubbers and plastics
  • Rolls-Royce Approved 1036J
  • Treated metals resist finger printing and remain bright even in highly corrosive conditions

For MSDS information, click on this link

Part No: NEAMB40+

  • £5.50