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Formula 20 Paintable

Formula 20 Paintable waxy film Mould Release for Plastics and Rubber

Advanced specialist mould release containing a unique active ingredient presented in a fine, waxy film. Formula 20 offers the advantages of a silicone release (good material compatibility, excellent slip) with none of the disadvantages (post-moulding operations and surface finishing are unaffected).

  • Multipurpose release agent
  • Excellent materials compatibility
  • Suitable for a large range of thermoplastics (PE, PP, PVC, PS, PA, CA, PU)
  • Also for ABS and Rubber applications
  • Particularly effective for rapid prototyping
  • Paintable release film does not interfere with post moulding operations

For MSDS information, click on this link

Part No: NEAMBF20

  • £8.35