Mould_Sprays_and_lubricants - Amberklene ME20 Heavy-duty Cleaner/degreaser

Amberklene ME20 Heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser

Amberklene ME20 highly effective, heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser.

Suitable for use in all industrial, aviation, automotive and engineering applications that require a stronger degreaser with a longer contact time

  • Heavy-duty cleaner for extra stubborn stains and soiling
  • Removes heavy deposits of oil and grease, waxes and silicones
  • Controlled evaporation
  • Superior wetting properties ensures extended contact time with soiling
  • Leaves a clean, dry surface
  • Safe for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and some plastics
  • High flash point +41C

For MSDS information, click on this link

Part No: NEAMBME20

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