Purge Compound - Polyklene R 25kg Ready For Use

Polyklene R 25kg Ready for use

Cleaning compound for injection moulding and extrusion equipment.

The multitude of colour and material changes, and the ever shorter production runs caused by Just-In-Time production require an effective and efficient cleaning compound.
Polyklene R cleans cylinders, screws, extruders and dies quickly and efficiently. Residues of previous production runs or black specks, caused by burnt on resin, will be removed by Polyklene R and pigments, that have the tendency to adhere to screw and cylinder wall will be removed.
The unique formulation of Polyklene R ensures that it even reaches into the dead angles where burnt material will settle itself. Through regular maintenance with Polyklene R, you will be able to clean quicker, downtime will be limited, start-up times are minimised and the amount of scrap reduced considerably.


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