Steel Rod with Brass Tips

Remove frozen sprues, clean out runners, hundreds of other uses!
  • Steel handle never mushrooms or wears out
  • 8mm Diameter replaceable brass tips, machined to a fine point. Threaded into steel rod
  • Milled flat on steel rod for easy tip removal
  • Length including tip: 510mm
Description Length Part No
Permanent steel rod & 3 Replaceable brass tips 510 OAL BR1Z
Replacement brass tips (each) 120 OAL BR2
Steel Rod only 420 OAL BR1
Part Number Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
BR1Z Steel rod + 3 tips BR1Z 14.86 - +
BR2 Brass Tip ONLY (each) BR2 2.43 - +
BR1 Steel Rod Only BR1 10.00 - +