Thermocouple Wire

20 Gauge stranded Type J and Type K thermocouple wire. Same as used in premium thermocouples. ISA standard grade iron and constantan. Immediately Available from stock in any quantity. Click here for more information

  • Duplex colour-coded 2 core +ve and -ve (stainless braided)
  • Single core (+ve or -ve) available

Sold per metre

Type Conductor Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
J duplex +ve & -ve Stainless braided twin core IC1 3.24 - +
J +ve Fibreglass braid Black (+ve) I2 1.29 - +
J -ve Fibreglass braid white (-ve) C3 1.48 - +
K duplex +ve & -ve Stainless braided twin core NCN1 3.25 - +
K +ve Fibreglass braid, Brown (+ve) NC1 1.92 - +
K -ve Fibreglass braid, Blue (-ve) NA1 1.92 - +