Screw Tip - Van Dorn Screwtip

Van dorn screwtip

Precision CNC-machined and manufactured from through-hardened D2 high quality steel. Popular models in stock

OEM style replacement unit: Flute configuration and internal design as original equipment
Free-flow Compatible unit: Maximizes flow and reduces back pressure. Usually 3 flutes

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diameter style item Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
35 OEM VD35ST Thread , OAL VD35ST 287.50 - +
38 OEM VD38ST Thread , OAL VD38ST 287.50 - +
40 Free-flow CAV40 Thread , OAL CAV40 285.00 - +
50 Free-flow CAVDD50 Thread , OAL CAVDD50 295.00 - +