Water Heater - TM900W Water Heater

TM900W Water Heater

The TM-W series of water heaters are used to heat the mould and maintain set temperature.

High temperature water from the mould is cooled by direct cooling and then flows through the pipe heaters via internal high-pressure pump for heating to a constant temperature.

With our optimised design, water can reach a maximum of 120degrees celsius and the accurate PID multi stage temperature control system can maintain an accuracy of +/- 1degree celsius.

Model: TM900W
Heater (Kw): 9
Pump (Kw): 0.75
Max pump flow (L/min): 42
Max pump pressure (bar) 5
Heating Chambers: 1
Mould Coupling Size: 3/8"
Dimensions (HxWxD) 655x280x740
Weight (Kg): 72

Part No: TM900W

  • £1,295.00