Barrel Insulation Jackets

Barrel Insulation Jackets

An economical method of reducing the energy consumption of your heating elements' running costs by as much as 60%. They work in exactly the same way as the lagging jacket on a domestic hot water tank at home. 

What are the benefits of fitting these jackets to your extruder, die head or injection machine.

  • Immediate energy savings
  • Faster start up times
  • More consistent operating temperatures
  • Better operating environment

Construction Materials

  • Outer - Silicone coated glass fibre cloth. Max contact temperature 260 Degrees Celsius - High Temp. material up to 400 degrees Celsius available upon request.
  • Infill Material - 25mm thick ceramic blanket
  • Inner Material - Plain fibre glass cloth. Max contact temperature up to 550 Degrees Celsius
  • Fastening - Hook and loop velcro buckles
  • Sewing Thread - Glass fibre fire resistant twine

Barrel Insulation Jackets are made to order - please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements. We will need to know the dimensions of the jackets you require. Lead times are between one and two weeks. 

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