LA500 Airtect Nozzle/Hot Runner Leak Detection

Nozzle and Barrel Leak Protection

The Airtect Plastic Leak Alarm System
The Airtect Plastic Leak Alarm System is increasingly being deployed by quality moulders in order to save on maintenance costs, safeguard "lights out" production, and to maximize annual uptime.

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Principle of Operation
Quickly detects plastic leaks, reducing damage to tools and/or equipment. Fine Sensor Tubes carrying tiny volumes of air are fitted close to the nozzle tip and/or inside the mould to potential leak sites. When a leak begins, the restriction in airflow is quickly detected by sensitive pressure sensors. The system offers a range of programmable interlock options allowing for instant or delayed injection cycle stop and/or audible and visual alarm only.

  • Direct Plastic Leak Presence Detection
  • 2mm Stainless Steel Sensor Tube Ends with easy-change Teflon Tube Ends
  • Programable Machine Interlocks
  • Fast Payback. 24hr Peace of Mind. Easy Installation
  • Single zone and multi-zone units available
  • Use LA500 Alarm/controller or LM2050 multi-zone
    zones unit Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
    1 Standalone Single zone leak alarm/controller LA500 535.50 - +
    8 manifold 8 Zone modular Manifold LA508-M-H 1,495.00 - +
    8 Modular base 8 Zone Modular base unit LA508-B 355.00 - +
    16 manifold 16 Zone modular Manifold LA516-M-H 2,795.00 - +
    16 Modular base 16 Zone Modular base unit LA516-B 537.50 - +
    17-32 manifold 17-32 zone zones 17-32 manifold LA516-M-S-1 2,329.00 - +
    2-16 multi zone control unit alarm control unit LM2050 675.00 - +