Mould_Sprays_and_lubricants - Food Grade P.T.F.E. Dry Film Lubricant/release

Food Grade P.T.F.E. dry film lubricant/release

Food Grade P.T.F.E. (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a dry film lubricant that has an extremely low friction value. White colour. Solvent evaporates within a few seconds leaving a long-lasting fine film of PTFE. Prevents build up of resin on metal tools and metal surfaces. PTFE flakes are non-flammable; however the solvent and propellant in this aerosol are flammable. Silicone free with long lasting lubricant and protection effect. Non toxic.

Key Features:

  • Temp. rated 40°C to +260°C dry film only
  • Dry film lubricant
  • Minimizes friction and wear
  • White in colour and clean in use
  • Silicone Free
  • Non Adhesive

For MSDS information, click on this link


  • £11.27