Water Hose - Water Hose- High Pressure

Water Hose- High Pressure

High Pressure Hose
The perfect hose when running closed-system mould temperature control units at high temperature and pressure.
With oil-resistant RMA class B synthetic rubber outer covering, strong wire braid centre, black Chemigum ORS, RMA class B inner tube. Specially designed for long-term use with hot water up to 150C and also withstands extremely high working pressure of 2500psi.
Hydraulic 100R1 Over-the-wire fittings crimped to manufacturer's specifications are recommended for very high pressure applications.
Working pressure 2500psi and 150C

Hose ID Colour Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
1/4", 6mm Black HHH250B 225.00 - +
1/4", 6mm Blue HHH250BL 204.90 - +
3/8", 10mm Black HHH375B 230.40 - +
3/8", 10mm Blue HHH375BL 240.50 - +
1/2", 13mm Black HHH500B 317.10 - +
1/2", 13mm Blue HHH500BL 326.40 - +