Nozzle Body - Negri Bossi Removable Tip Nozzles Up To 60mm Thread

Negri Bossi Removable Tip Nozzles up to 60mm thread

Part No:

Negri Bossi Nozzle Bodies up to 60mm thread

Nozzle body with thread to suit your machine. 11/2" body diameter accepts standard heater bands and 7/8"-14 female thread at front to accept removable nozzle tips. Pre heat-treated steel machined to suit the thread of your machine and accept standard low-cost replacement tips.

Any size or specification made to your requirements. Simply find your machine thread below for part number:
To order special nozzles, or sizes not shown above, 
click here or please call sales office 01536 206653

Thread R/O Part No Machine Model
30x1.5 19mm NZZ V17-110
35x1.5 16mm NHB
40x2 20mm NXB 25/40
40x2 22mm NHL V2-18FA
40x2 27mm NP
40x2 28mm NL V22/175FA 190 210 250TEC
48x2 19mm NGZ
48x2 25mm NHM 40T
48x2 28mm NM 25, 40
52x2.5 28mm GC 60T
52x3 19mm NHD 60T
58x2 30mm NHY 100TEC
58x3 30mm NHF NB80
58x3 32mm NHN NB62 V55 V70 EOS70-180
58x3 35mm NHBZ V55
58x3 38mm NH NB62 V7 9FA