Standard Thermocouple - Adjustoflex Thermocouple. 4.8mm Probe

Adjustoflex thermocouple. 4.8mm probe

Adjustoflex Type 4.8mm (3/16") Probe, 11.2 mm id single ear cap

Unique, adjustable thermocouple assembly eliminates the need to stock numerous angle and immersion depth configurations. Now, this single thermocouple suffices for all common applications.

  • Threaded locking cap runs on special spring overbraid. When compressed, this overbraid provides its own spring.
  • Fits hole depths up to 150 mm. Use with standard bayonet adaptors.
  • Flexible to any angle.
type lead length Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
J Type 1000mm B10JSL3 12.80 - +
J Type 1500mm B15JSL3 12.80 - +
J Type 2000mm B20JSL3 12.80 - +
K Type 1000mm B10KSL3 12.80 - +
K Type 1500mm B15KSL3 12.80 - +
K Type 2000mm B20KSL3 12.80 - +